General Questions

      Vitamins are organic compounds in food that are needed to support growth and health. With a regular supply of vitamins, we can support good health and normal growth. Since the body does not store all essential vitamins for long periods of time, some should be consumed regularly in the diet. One A Day® multivitamins can be taken to help provide nutritional support.

      All One A Day® (OAD) tablet and VitaCraves® products contain gelatin; it is sourced from beef or pork or a combination of both. Gelatin can function as an incidental ingredient in tablet products and can therefore be exempt from labeling based on FDA regulations. Gelatin is listed in the ingredient statement for tablets regardless of whether it is exempt from labeling regulations given consumer interest in this ingredient.

      The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revised labeling regulations for both foods and dietary supplements. The new labeling provides updated nutrition information based on the latest science to help consumers maintain healthy dietary practices. Consumers should expect to see packaging that reflects both the original and new label versions on store shelves.

      Not all One A Day® products are gluten-free. One A Day VitaCraves® products contain wheat. There are some One A Day® products that meet U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations for gluten-free (less than 20 ppm gluten). If a product is gluten-free, it will be stated on product packaging.

      We recommend that you consult with your physician before using any One A Day® product if you have a medical condition.

      We recommend that you consult with your physician before using any One A Day® product with your medication. We do not recommend taking One A Day® products with another multivitamin.

      We do not recommend using products beyond their expiration date. While they will not be harmful, products that are taken beyond the expiration date may no longer provide optimal benefits.

      The color of the One A Day® Women’s Petites Multivitamin tablets changed to a “natural look” (neutral color with specks) because we removed the artificial colors from the tablets to offer consumers options when selecting which vitamins are right for them.

      One A Day® offers complete multivitamins, but each one is specially formulated to support different needs. You can choose a One A Day® product based on gender, age group and health benefits you may need or want to support.

      Bayer HealthCare's Consumer Health Division has a long history as a leader in the manufacture and marketing of a broad range of over-the-counter healthcare products including dietary supplements like One A Day®.

      Yes. All ingredients in One A Day® vitamins, both active and inactive, are of the highest quality and meet our own rigorous internal, as well as industry, safety standard with regard to strength, purity and quality.

      The health of our consumers is our top priority.

      Womens Prenatal

        DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is an omega-3 fatty acid found naturally in fish such as tuna and salmon. DHA can also be found in algal oil. It is a major structural fat in your baby’s brain and the retina of your baby’s eyes. Supplementing your diet with DHA can help support healthy fetal brain and eye development.* Our Prenatal 1 and Prenatal Advanced both have DHA sourced from fish.

        Yes, it is safe for most women to take One A Day® Prenatal Advanced. See the product page for specific warnings and allergen statements. One A Day®  Prenatal Advanced includes 800 mcg of Folic Acid (222% of the Daily Value for pregnant women). Inform your doctor if you are taking One A Day®  Prenatal Advanced.

        The benefits of a prenatal multivitamin generally begin before pregnancy or in the very early stages of pregnancy. Prenatal multivitamin use, then, is commonly recommended to start before trying to become pregnant. Also, because pregnancy is sometimes unplanned, experts recommend 400 mcg of folic acid in addition to intake of food folate from a varied diet during the span of a woman’s childbearing years. Use of One A Day® Prenatal Advanced should be consistent throughout pregnancy and continued while breastfeeding as DHA will pass from mother to baby in breast milk to help support healthy brain and eye development in infancy.*

        The One A Day® Women’s Prenatal 1 softgel should not be cut or crushed.

        Yes, there are differences. For example, One A Day® Women’s Prenatal Advanced contains 110 mg of Choline, whereas One A Day® Prenatal 1 and One A Day® Prenatal Gummies do not contain Choline. Additionally, both One A Day® Prenatal Advanced and One A Day® Prenatal 1 contain iron, whereas the gummy does not contain iron. Please see supplement facts for ingredient details.

        Leading medical authorities on maternal and infant health recognize that choline plays a critical role during the prenatal period in neural and brain development. The American Medical Association advises that a prenatal vitamin supplement should contain an adequate amount of Choline, and the American Academy of Pediatrics recognizes the importance of Choline as a “brain-building” nutrient. One A Day® Prenatal Advanced Multivitamin provides 110 mg (20% of Daily Value) of Choline, compared to other leading prenatal multivitamin brands that only contain 0-55 mg of Choline.

        Mens Pre-Conception

          “Pre-conception<sup>TM</sup>” is the time before your partner becomes pregnant — when you may be actively trying to get pregnant or just thinking about starting the process. Before pregnancy is actually the best time for both you and your partner to prepare your bodies.

          One A Day® Men’s Pre-Conception Health Multivitamin is specially formulated with key levels of powerful antioxidants, like Vitamins C and E, to support healthy sperm.*

          Yes; in addition to being specially formulated with key levels of powerful antioxidants like Vitamins C and E to support sperm health,* One A Day® Men’s Pre-Conception Health is also a complete multivitamin — so you don’t need another multivitamin.

          Men can benefit by taking One A Day® Men’s Pre-Conception Health Multivitamin for at least three months before conceiving and while trying to conceive. You can continue to take this multivitamin for as long as you like, although you may choose to stop once conception occurs. If you do choose to stop, we recommend that you continue with One A Day® Men’s Health Multivitamin.

          Yes; you can continue to take this multivitamin after you conceive. And in the spirit of camaraderie, it may make sense to continue as long as your partner is taking her prenatal multivitamin. When you decide to stop taking One A Day® Men’s Pre-Conception Health Multivitamin, we recommend switching to One A Day® Men’s Health Multivitamin to continue your vitamin regimen.

          No. Recent studies suggest a clear link between antioxidant levels and healthy sperm. And up to 85% of men fall short in getting key antioxidants like Vitamin C (46%) and Vitamin E (85%) from food alone. So most men can benefit from taking this product.

          At this time, the Men’s Pre-Conception Health Multivitamin is only available in the twin pack with the Women’s Prenatal Multivitamin. But this is a great way to ensure that you both take your vitamins daily, as you can make it a habit to take your vitamins together.

          Sleep Well

            How do I take Sleep Well?

            To use Sleep Well, take 1 capsule 30-60 minutes before bed with water, as needed, for occasional sleeplessness.

            Stress Less

              When should I take it?

              One A Day® Stress Less may be taken to help defend against the occasional stresses of daily life with soothing support for your nervous system.*

              Active Focus

                Cognitive Support


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